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The Hotel CrossRoads Diwali buffet- Let there be Sweet

There is a lot that is special about the festival of Diwali. The decorative lighting honing the streets, the diyas lighting the homes, the sharing and exchange of sweets from family to family, but what really captures ones imagination is the celebration of victory- the victory of good over the evil. For that one festival, good and bad are clear as black and white, and it is the good which wins, a scenario which is seldom in occurrence today.

Now, the moments we associate with Diwali are far too many to count. There are the late night card parties with friends and family. Then there is the shopping spree for new clothes, the long awaited family get-together, the kids bursting a string of firecrackers, there are far too many moments which signify Diwali in its spirit. But what we arguably associate most with Diwali has something to do with our sweet tooth. Yes, you guessed it right. Diwali in its true spirit has to be associated with SWEETS.

Sweets. The endless amount of sweets which we have on Diwali, would put a year’s amount of sweet consumption to shame. But it’s Diwali, and it is all allowed for that one festival. The boxes of sweet we exchange with our neighbors and our relatives, the amount of sweets which gets collected, it all equals a neighborhood sweet shop right in our kitchen. So, when sweet consumption highlights this awesome festival, why not ring in the celebrations at Hotel CrossRoads in true Diwali spirit with a host of amazing Diwali sweets.

Here, at TFJ, our chefs will bring to you a range of delectable sweetmeats everyday along with our special TFJ Diwali buffet. To make the deal even sweeter, the buffet comes at a 30 % discount on weekdays and increases to a walloping 50 % off on the weekends.

So, this Diwali just say only one thing. Let there be sweet. : )

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