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Menu Mania at TFJ

The success of any meal lies as much as in the choice of dishes offered, as in the taste of each item on the menu. The crucial importance of the menu cannot be ignored - the kickoff with appetizers, the breads and the dips, the main course items, and then rounding off with sweet delectable desserts. And at The Food Junction, at the Hotel CrossRoads in Gurgaon, we promise to enthrall you with a plethora of options on our menu.


For appetizers, you can choose from an array of soups and salads such as the refreshing insalata caprese with buffalo mozarella, and basil pesto, citrus som tom with raw papaya, Caesar salad with iceberg lettuce, croutons, and parmesan shavings, yummy fatoush with lemon vinaigrette, olives and pita bread, Geneva minestrone soup with zucchini and celery, and zuppa de Piselli with peas and aniseed.

Among pasta options, you can choose anything from penne and fusilli with mouth-watering shrimp and healthy zucchini or tasty bacon and pepper mixed with melting cheese and egg or from a combination of tomatoes and garlic sauce or olive oil or pressed garlic and hot dry chilli flakes.

Main course
Main course options at The Food Junction include a variety of dishes of the Continental, Oriental and Indian genres.

http://www.crossroadshotels.com/tfj.htmlFrom the Continental offerings, you can choose from the delicious broccoli with baby corn and ginger, cous rice, stroganoff with mushrooms, or finger-licking stuffed chicken breast flavored with rosemary. From the Oriental basket, you can choose from awesome King prawns with chilli ginger, Thai curries of the red or green variety, or feisty chicken Kung Pao or chicken flavored with sesame chilli sauce or stir fried bok choy with Chinese greens. For rice or noodles, you can choose from pan fried or hakka noodles or fried rice with shrimp, vegetables or chicken.

From the Indian side of the table, you can choose from prawns simmered in delectable creamy coconut gravy or basa in a coriander or the CrossRoads signature dishes of lamb nihari or chicken potli in almond yogurt sauce or other offerings such as tasty stuffed cottage cheese with apricots and dumplings, and triangles of cottage cheese in rich spicy, tomato-based gravy. You can savor lentils of various kinds, with either caraway seed seasonings and garlic and tomato flavored, or butter and cream flavored ones, which are bound to keep you asking for more. From our rice and biryani pots, you can choose from aromatic broth rice with braised chicken or mutton, or pulao with peas, or onions, or motia paneer, or jeera. All rice options come with raita, papad and greens.

From the Indian bread basket, you can choose from stuffed parathas with mutton keema, paneer or onions, or parathas flavored with butter and garlic, or rotis flavored withlaal mirch, dhaniya or ajwain. 

Our dessert bowls include everything from heavenly gulab jamuns in sugar syrup, to Kashmiri rice puddings, roasted vermicelli in sweetened milk, from melt-in-your-mouth tiramisus to chocolate walnut brownies and ice cream. 

Breakfast and Round the Clock Options

At The Food Junction breakfast table, you can choose from a variety of Darjeeling teas, and coffees, such as cafĂ© latte, cappuccinos, and TFJ’s special beaten coffee, as you move on to other options on the menu. These include croissants, muffins, parathas, or idli-sambhar, puri-bhaji, and juices, cereals, and eggs to order. Our round the clock menu includes coffees, teas, pizzas of various kinds, tortillas with various flavors, lime sodas, smoothies, shakes along with parathas and patties of different kinds.

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